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Technology Driven

Pushing the limits with Advanced Technology.

ValueBank is a tech driven international financial services company. At ValueBank we are focused on strategic investments in emerging technology sectors. Our expertise is in the intersection between Fintech products, Blockchain projects and AI enabled applications. ValueBank is laying the foundation for an industry wide decentralized ecosystem through integration of global financing frameworks, strategic cooperation and investment channels.


For Futuristic Economy

We are empowering our clients with Digital Assets.

Globalization brings a wealth of challenges and opportunities. At ValueBank we believe that being agile and innovative is essential to success. We enable entrepreneurs and investors and build together an advanced economic landscape.

Cross Border & Multi Currency

Financial globalisation accelerates capital flow across a variety of markets and into lucrative investment opportunities, this is the first step human kind took to form a decentralized commercial ecosystem. Similarly ValueBank has taken the lead to establishing and investing in a network of cryptocurrency exchanges. ValueBank’s centrepiece is the formation of a global union of exchanges.

Strategic Ecosystem Investment

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, the investment world has changed forever. ValueBank is pushing it even further, we identify unique investment opportunities and form strategic and calculated risk structure. ValueBank achieves very high returns, we strive to win for our investors.

Blockchain Leadership Position.

Blockchain Technologies are changing business and society in the same way the internet did, except this change is much bigger. ValueBank’s experience in the crypto space position us at the center of many global projects. We are committed to Blockchain tech for the long term.

For The Pioneers.

We are shaping the future of Financial Services.

ValueBank is a new generation financial services company. To excel in today’s fast moving digital landscape ValueBank itself was built as a tech powerhouse. More than a typical bank, we’re quants, engineers, analysts, cryptoeconomics experts and world class crypto-traders. Join us for this amazing journey and be a part of the decentralized economy fuelled by Blockchain technology.

Track Record of International Success

Companies that we have invested in.

ValueBank has worked closely with leading companies in more than a dozen countries including the US, the UK, Singapore, China, France and Japan, and invested in over 100 projects in a variety of industries. Three years of development, investment and partnerships positioned ValueBank as an industry leader in the crypto-finance sector.

Global Impact

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